Revealing the Names of Homicide Victims: Understanding the Issues


A comprehensive review and subsequent report titled “Revealing the Names of Homicide Victims: Understanding the Issues”, was launched in early 2019 and completed by the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA) in April, at the request of Edmonton Police Service Chief Dale McFee.

Technology-enabled Community Mobilization in Remote Communities


This study will seek to identify potential technology solutions that might enable the Hub model of collaborative risk-driven community safety, together with its follow-on interventions at the individual and/or family level, to be established in remote communities that might otherwise not benefit from the Hub approach.

Re-integration of High Risk Violent Offending Youth into Remote Communities


This project seeks to identify innovative solutions to improving the efficacy of the re-integration into remote communities of high-risk violent young offenders under the Intensive Rehabilitative Custody and Supervision (IRCS) program.