Thompson Community Wellness and Safety Survey

Community safety planning is underway in Thompson. CSKA is assisting Thompson’s Community Wellness and Public Safety Steering Committee to develop a plan to help Thompson become a safer and healthier place for everyone to live, work and visit.

A key step in the process is to hear from people in and around Thompson to understand what they feel the most important issues are, and their experiences with community safety.  We have developed a short confidential survey to obtain this information.  The survey is being administered independently by CSKA.  CSKA will summarize survey responses and report the results back to the Steering Committee in grouped format.

The information gathered in the survey will be used by CSKA and the Steering Committee to as part of the community safety planning process, and your feedback is important.

Revealing the Names of Homicide Victims: Understanding the Issues


A comprehensive review and subsequent report titled “Revealing the Names of Homicide Victims: Understanding the Issues”, was launched in early 2019 and completed by the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA) in April, at the request of Edmonton Police Service Chief Dale McFee.

Technology-enabled Community Mobilization in Remote Communities


This study will seek to identify potential technology solutions that might enable the Hub model of collaborative risk-driven community safety, together with its follow-on interventions at the individual and/or family level, to be established in remote communities that might otherwise not benefit from the Hub approach.

Re-integration of High Risk Violent Offending Youth into Remote Communities


This project seeks to identify innovative solutions to improving the efficacy of the re-integration into remote communities of high-risk violent young offenders under the Intensive Rehabilitative Custody and Supervision (IRCS) program.