CSKA: Innovating Community Safety

Established in July 2015 and based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA) is a government-supported non-profit corporation that mobilizes, integrates and facilitates research and new knowledge development to:

  • Inform and improve professional practices across the community safety system;
  • Inform alignment within the sector; and
  • Improve safety and well-being outcomes.

CSKA is agile and responsive in supporting government community safety, health and well-being priorities. It brings together some of the brightest minds from academia, government, research and technology organizations, industry and community agencies to achieve its mission.


In 2010, the Government of Saskatchewan and its partners launched the Building Partnerships to Reduce Crime, thus establishing a comprehensive approach to crime reduction and safer communities. Central to BPRC efforts are highly practical, multi-disciplinary approaches to reducing harm and improving community and individual well-being. Since then, Saskatchewan has become widely recognized as a leader in community safety innovation. But sustaining and improving upon these successes will require new evidence-based knowledge that is translated into purposeful strategies and actions. This is where CSKA comes in.

CSKA Lines of Business

Through its four business lines, CSKA employs innovative multi-disciplinary methods to deliver results and achieve targeted outcomes:


Effectively utilizing academia and practitioners to marry research and analysis with practice to drive results at a local level; exploring how data and technology can drive evidence-based outcomes in targeted areas.

Leadership and professional development

Training first responders as well as policy makers on new approaches for tackling community safety and crime prevention.

Training, technical guidance and knowledge exchange

Sharing information and fostering cross-sectorial models of partnership to drive better outcomes; grow the alliance and practice of knowledge sharing beyond provincial borders.

Independent evaluation

Evaluating and sharing what works to promote the use of evidence-based practices across the community safety system.