CSKA and its partners, the Centre for Collaborative Justice Studies (University of Regina), the Forensic Centre for Behavioural Science & Justice Studies (University of Saskatchewan) and the Canadian Society for Evidence-Based Policing are pleased to announce the Capstone Initiative.

Capstone focuses on supporting community safety leaders and practitioners who are engaged in advanced education (e.g. MA, MBA, MPA, MSc, etc.). The initiative will support interested learners within the sector in five (5) interconnected ways:

1. Assisting learners identify thesis/project topics that are relevant and meaningful to the future of community safety and wellbeing;

2. Providing mentorship and connecting learners to national and international experts and resources;

3. Providing a forum (e.g., annual symposium) at which participants can present their thesis/project and partake in a moderated discussion with top experts, senior officials and civil society leaders;

4. Providing the opportunity for interested learners to publish their work in CSKA’s Journal of Community Safety and Well Being;

5. Providing coaching for those who would like to publish, but feel they need some support in this regard.

We also welcome those who have completed an advanced degree within the last three (3) years and are interested in publishing their research (i.e., elements 4 and 5 above).

In this inaugural year, Capstone is open to anyone working in Saskatchewan’s community safety and wellbeing sector – this includes those employed with community-based organizations. Depending on demand, we may be able to extend participation to others outside of Saskatchewan in this first year as well – and to that end, we encourage those who may be interested to reach out to us.

If you are interested in participating in this exciting initiative or would like additional information, please contact Shannon Fraser-Hansen at CSKA, either by email (sfraserhansen@cskacanada.ca) or by phone: 306-384-2751.

For more information on CSKA and its flagship Journal of Community Safety and Well Being, please visit www.cskacanada.ca

Download a pdf file of the announcement.