Community Safety Knowledge Alliance Official Launch - November 23, 2015

The Board of Directors of CSKA Inc. (the Community Safety Knowledge Alliance) is pleased to announce the first-of-its-kind Journal of Community Safety and Well-being (CSWB).

With its first full issue scheduled for publication in August 2016, the Journal of CSWB will be a quarterly, peer reviewed, open-access online publication that will feature a mix of scholarly literature, complimented by carefully selected reports, discussion papers and mixed media productions covering a variety of multi-disciplinary topics related to the broadest interpretations of Community Safety and Well-being practices. Editorial content for the journal will be sourced from across Canada and globally as well. An initial call for papers is underway, and the Journal will publish its inaugural Preview Issue early in May.

According to CSKA’s Interim CEO Cal Corley, “With its editorial emphasis anchored in new models of collaboration and social innovation, we believe the Journal will quickly become a unique and recognizable voice for Canadian social science and practice within policing, criminal justice, and across the multiple human service disciplines involved in co-producing community safety and well-being.”

The Board also announces that Norman E. Taylor has been named as Editor-in-Chief for the new Journal of CSWB. “As one of the principal architects of change in Canadian policing and community safety, including Saskatchewan’s innovative and well-known approaches, Norm brings an important perspective to this role”, added Corley. Taylor also brings a strong background in the adult education and research fields. He has served for over 12 years as the Program Director of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police (CACP) Executive Global Studies Program, and has led over 140 police leaders through global research studies conducted in 29 countries. Taylor also earned the Governor General of Canada’s Academic Gold Medal and Athabasca University’s Excellence in Research Scholarship while completing his Masters degree in 2008.

To support the production of the journal, CSKA has entered into a multi-year agreement with Multimed Inc., a Canadian publisher that specializes in open access scholarly periodicals. “I am particularly excited that the Journal will build upon the proven success of open-access journals, notably those most often used across the medical field”, said Taylor. “These web-based publications provide an ideal and unrestricted access point for the type of wide, multi-sector audience we envision. Utilizing this format, we expect the Journal will become a go-to forum for both disseminating research and stimulating much-needed discussion.” Heather Shand, Multimed’s Project Manager offered, "Having spent the past 35 years predominantly in the medical publishing field, we see this as a natural progression for our company".

Established as a non-profit corporation in 2015 and based in Saskatoon, CSKA is an innovative new research and knowledge development centre supporting the drive for improved community safety and well-being within Saskatchewan, across North America and abroad. “Introducing a Canadian peer-reviewed journal with global reach was an important part of our vision when we first conceived of CSKA”, said Saskatchewan Deputy Minister Dale McFee (Justice: Corrections and Policing), who also serves as President and Chair of the CSKA Board of Directors. “Creating new knowledge and social innovation is only part of the equation … it’s vitally important that innovation also contributes to policy and practice across all the sectors involved.” For more information visit


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